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5 Tips to Choose a Real Estate Agent When Buying / Selling a Home

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Buying or selling a home can be both exciting and intimidating. Having the right real estate agent increases the odds for a more enjoyable experience. However, with all of the agents, how do you go about deciding on who you will work with? I recently came across an article in Forbes Magazine that spelled out some tips for choosing the right agent that I thought would benefit you in your search. From the article, here are some top tips.

  • Choose The Person, Not The Experience – I am a firm believer in choosing an agent who works for you and with you. Don’t choose an agent based solely on experience. Although it’s good to have, it’s not everything. You will be spending a lot of time with that agent and you need to mesh. Choose someone relatable and real. Choose for you, not for the house. Choose someone good at talking and negotiating. – Kevin Taylor, Sand to City Real Estate Team
  • Find An Agent You Can Trust – As the client, you begin the dialogue — but pay close attention to the agent or broker and how he/she listens and asks YOU questions. Most successful agents have access to the technology it takes to make your property seen or to find options for purchase, but it takes a human being to understand and work to achieve your specific goals. Take time to find a human you respect and trust. – Beverly Serral, Beverly Serral Signatures
  • Make Sure They Offer Adequate Support – Be sure to do your research first. Are they supported by a team? An agent who has support is able to offer a high level of customer service to every customer. Most agents work with several clients at a time. The logistics of buying/selling a home are complicated, and it’s easy to miss something or fall short without a support staff. – Will Featherstone, Featherstone & Co.
  • Find Someone Who Has Your Best Interests At Heart – Ask yourself, “Does my real estate agent have my best interests at heart?” Be honest and transparent about what you’re looking for, and if an agent isn’t bringing you the right options, it’s likely they aren’t looking for houses for you but rather to benefit themselves. Ask questions upfront and don’t be afraid to move on to someone else if the relationship doesn’t feel right. -Joshua Hunt, TRELORA
  • Look For Passion, Conviction And Honesty – Look at the agent’s work. The easiest and most valuable way is to review how they’re marketing other properties. Look at their listing materials, website, brochures and signage. Pay attention to their personal appearance. Look for passion, conviction and honesty. You want your agent to tell you what it’s going to take to get your home to sell faster and for the best price. – Brian Balduf, VHT Studios

If you would like to read the entire article at Forbes, click HERE.

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