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What can I say about this guy except that he was nothing short of amazing! I heard about Jeremiah years ago from a friend who used him as his real estate agent to purchase his first house. I have plenty of friends who are real estate agents, but my friend had so many awesome things to say about Jeremiah that I  decided to meet with him. Immediately, I could tell that he had a vast knowledge of the real estate market and was very easy to get along with. He worked with me and guided me through the whole thing, and I ended up with my first home purchase. I had such a great experience with Jeremiah that there was no question who I was going to call when time came for me to sell. Just like before, he went ABOVE and BEYOND to make sure the sale went without a hitch and I received 2 offers within 24hrs of my house being on the market. This is "The Man, The Myth, The Legend" of real estate agents and I couldn't recommend him enough!
Dan Devine
Hands down Best agent in all of Orange County. Professional prompt and reliable. Thank you so much Jeremiah for all of your help with our home purchase(s)!!!
Natalie McDaniel
My husband and I met Jeremiah in 2011 when we first began looking for our first home. It was a very exciting time for us considering we were about to be married, but housing prices were so low that it started to become very competitive for us. Jeremiah took us looking for homes every weekend we could. He was so patient with us, always answering every little question we had, and always being so honest about everything. It was a long journey, but we bought our first condo in 2012 right after we got married and we got it at an amazing price. 9 months later the market really started to pick up, and we knew we had to make a profit on our little condo and upgrade to something bigger. We called Jeremiah and he was on it immediately. He did an amazing job selling our first home, and we were able to put our profit down on a much bigger town home in the same city.When it comes down to it, Jeremiah is so personal, professional, respectful, the list goes on. He is the perfect real estate agent. We've recommended him to our family, and members of our family have bought/sold their homes through Jeremiah. He is the nicest guy, and we're so happy we can say he is truly our friend. We love you J!!!
Vanessa Graves
Although I have only sold one home I can tell you that were I to have the need again of a top notch agent for any reason, Jeremiah would be my only choice. He handled all the details even getting the estimate of the final amount returned to me very close to what I actually received. There were a number of unforeseen issues that caused delays and changes (not due at all to Jeremiah) and he was able to work quickly to get everything resolved to my complete satisfaction. He is an excellent businessman with an upbeat attitude that made the experience enjoyable and pleasant. He did a number of things to help close the deal that in my estimation were above and beyond the call of duty. He worked tirelessly to do whatever was needed to get a superb result in the sale of my house. You will be very pleased to work with this great man!
Michael G. Hayes
Jeremiah is absolutely top notch in professionalism and customer service . A Buyer or a Seller would easily see and experience the difference. I feel fortunate I was able to meet and go thru several transactions with Jeremiah.
Antranik Paylan
Jeremiah doesn't just sell your house or help you buy one he develops a relationship with you so you can determine exactly what it is you want to do and then help you do it.  He is thorough, knowledgedable and persistent.  Great job for us both buying a new place and selling our house.   Finally a real estate agent who is worth what you pay him.
Leigh Harrison
Jeremiah helped us purchase and sell our house during a difficult time of very low inventory within a very short window in time. He did an amazing job listening to our wants vs needs when identifying our new home and thankfully not wasting our time visiting multiple homes that were clearly not the right fit. We are very happy with the results of his work and would recommend  him to anyone.
Scott Cleymer
Wonderful experience dealing with Jeremiah Secrest!  He was tireless in his search for the perfect home for us.  We were impressed with his honesty and integrity and overall professionalism.  He is prompt in returning calls or texts and he is always available when you request a showing.  He will definitely be our #1 choice for any and all real estate transactions!
Keiren H., Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Jeremiah is an amazing real estate agent.  He helps you find the perfect home. If you aren't sure what you're looking for Jeremiah will go the extra mile to help you figure it out.  He is a kind, honest and  hard working individual who always delivers high quality service.  I will always use  Jeremiah's expertise for any real estate transactions.  He's the best!
Paula M., Claremont, CA
We have been very fortunate to have worked with Jeremiah on two occasions, both times he has helped us to fulfill our home-buying dreams. He has a developed ability to balance a high level of professionalism, integrity and enthusiasm while keeping his clients needs and expectations at heart. If we ever decide to down-size or dream bigger, we'll definitely be working with Jeremiah again.
Debbie P., Orange County, CA
Trying to find a honest real estate agent who you can trust is like trying to find a trust worthy used car salesman. We didn't think they existed! Fortunately my husband and I were lucky enough to find Jeremiah. From our first meeting we knew he wasn't full of BS or blowing smoke up our butts to get our business. He pointed out potential issues and opened up his rolodex of industry experts through our home buying process to put us at ease.
Debbie P., Orange County, CA
Patient, knowledgable, positive, trustworthy, and diligent.  Jeremiah treated us like family through our whole purchase process.Jeremiah helped us buy our first home (condo).  He taught us everything we needed to know about the process and walked us through all the paperwork until we were comfortable.The market was nuts when we were looking.  There were 43 offers on one of the properties we looked at.  Jeremiah was patient and encouraging.  He didn't give up and he helped navigate the chaos.We entered a bid on a HUD home and it was rejected... that was, only for a few weeks.  On Friday evening, and in the middle of a First Team Real Estate business event, Jeremiah received a notification that our bid was accepted.  He forwarded the good news to us and called us right after his event.  Unfortunately there was a deadline to accept the terms and provide the necessary HUD paperwork.  We had 2 days to respond.  As if that wasn't a challenge enough, Jeremiah had a vacation planned with his wife for his birthday that weekend.  He spent the whole weekend away and had to put a lot of time and effort into both reviewing the HUD purchase terms as well as coordinating paperwork, documentation, and signatures that had to be turned in by Monday morning.  The rest is history and we love our new home.
Scott W., Costa Mesa, CA
My wife and I first met Jeremiah over a year ago, and  weren't really ready at that time to buy a home.   Jeremiah stayed in touch with us and we were able to go through the home buying process with him and closed Sep 1st! He is a real estate agent who really truly cares about his clients and making sure they find the right home for them, as well as making the whole process as smooth as can be. I would highly recommend him to any of my friends or family when they are ready to buy or sell a home.  You will not be sorry you gave him a call.
Matt S., Los Angeles, CA
Jeremiah is an awesome real estate agent and a true professional!! There are not many real estate agents you can trust and Jeremiah is truly the best man to have on your side buying or selling... He cares about YOU and your investment and will be a great guide thru your entire transaction!!
Justin W., Rancho Santa Margarita, CA
Jeremiah is a PRO! An amazing human being, real estate agent and friend. My wife and I are sitting on our couch...our first night as first time home owners and we are just in awe of how lucky we were to have met Jeremiah. He guided us every step of the way and was extremely patient with us (even when we were total face palms). We had seen homes with other real estate agents before we met Jeremiah, but they don't hold a candle to the sheer work ethic, experience and knowledge we witnessed in JS. Most importantly, Jeremiah listens. My wife and I had a wish list and a budget... other real estate agents said we were dreaming...Jeremiah made it happen. Not only did he orchestrate every last detail of our home buying journey, he gave us access to his entourage of industry experts, contractors, suppliers and friends to make our new home pretty damn perfect. Our lives have been made richer with Jeremiah.
Alex B., San Diego, CA
Are you looking to sell and/or buy a house?  Are you frustrated with interviewing real estate agents who do not meet your needs and expectations?Then, stop your search right now and call Jeremiah Secrest (JS) at First Team Real Estate.  During our first meeting with Jeremiah, he immediately exhibited his professionalism, dedication as a real estate agent and knowledge of the Huntington Beach area and surrounding cities.  JS makes you feel like you are his only client ...... yes, that AMAZING!  The best part was that he was so personable and made my hubby and I feel at ease.  He intently listened to what we wanted from a real estate agent and he absolutely delivered!J.S. arranged for the refurbishing of our house which was so effortless on our part and very unexpected .....so wonderful.  I didn't have to make any calls to the painter, flooring company, etc. for estimates.  JS has his own go to companies that charge very fair and reasonable prices with exceptional craftsmanship.J.S. will go BEYOND his duties as your real estate agent which is very rare.  He truly cares about his clients and he will do a fantastic job for you!  My experience with Jeremiah Seacrest was a hands down 5 Stars experience!!!!!
Maite H., Huntington Beach, CA
Jeremiah is an amazing real estate agent.  I have known Jeremiah for almost 10 years.  He worked with me for 9+ months to find a condo in the West Los Angeles are.  He met me every Saturday and Sunday for over 9 months showing me anywhere from 6-10 condos a day until we found the right one.  Fast forward 8 years and I moved to the Seattle area.  I would not have been able to sell the condo in West Los Angeles without him. I had already moved to Seattle and Jeremiah did most of the heavy lifting to sell the condo.  It couldn't have been an easier process.Jeremiah is a professional that I would recommend to anyone looking to buy or sell.
PJ, Renton, WA
I highly recommend our real estate agent, Jeremiah Secrest. He recently sold a home for me in Huntington Beach that had been in our family for nearly 50 years.Not only is Jeremiah pleasant to work with, but he sold the home quickly, efficiently, and at a good price. I feel he has the utmost integrity and would recommend him to anyone.If you have a home to sell, or you are looking to buy, he knows the market.
Lynda Myles
I met Jeremiah through a mutual friend, as I was getting nowhere with my previous real estate agent.My friend described Jeremiah as not only an amazing real estate agent, an even better person. As a real estate agent, he is honest and is driven by finding the right home for the right person. He is an absolute hustler, great communicator and is someone with incredible integrity and character. He returns calls within 24 hours, has incredible work ethic and goes above and beyond the call of a duty when compared to other real estate agents.Because of Jeremiah, I spent last holiday in my new condo. In fact, my first ever condo. As you can imagine, the initial process is overwhelming. However, Jeremiah helped me every step of the way, and I can honestly say the process went incredibly smoothly, to the point of Jeremiah providing me with names and numbers of interior designers, painters, hardwood floor companies, etc. It was a huge help to say the least!Additionally, my lender at Sandstone Financial communicated to me how impressed she was with Jeremiah, as he was so buttoned up.Not only do I call Jeremiah “my real estate agent,” I now call him “my friend.”
Pete Ferrer
On my day off I was walking through Downtown Huntington Beach when I decided to stop at an open house where I met Jeremiah. We talked for a while and the more we talked I realized Jeremiah could help me realize my dream of selling my home and getting another place.Jeremiah was always courteous, mindful of my needs, and there to answer my questions. He never stopped working hard and dedicated himself to the difficult task of selling my home.When I was looking for a new place to buy, he asked all of the right questions to get me into the right home. At the time I didn't know what my dream home was, but I knew my real estate needs were in good hands...  through the entire process of selling and buying.After 17 years of living in my previous place, I finally feel like I now have a place that I can really call home, thanks to Jeremiah.
Ed Liembach
We first met Jeremiah Secrest about 4 years ago. He was hosting an open house and offered to show us some properties.We knew instantly that we liked his easy-going nature and professional demeanor. After questioning us about our likes and dislikes, price range and time frame, he set up appointments for us to view different homes on the market. It was impressive how quickly he zeroed in on our style preferences. Jeremiah did not waste our time showing us properties that were beyond our budget or contrary to our taste. He kept in touch with us and always notified us when a prospective home came on the market.Our experience with Jeremiah has been positive and pleasurable, culminating in finding the perfect home for our taste. He has a natural ability to connect with people and made us feel assured that we were in the hands of a top professional.Because of his work ethic and personal integrity we highly recommend Jeremiah Secrest for any and all real estate transactions.
Doug and Keiren Hale
We recently asked Jeremiah to represent us in selling our home in Costa Mesa and he started the process with an in depth analysis of the worth of our house and a determination of what needed to be done to ensure a smooth move.He was right about every aspect. Each step of the way Jeremiah gave insight and terrific advice concerning what we did and did not need to do. He continued to watch the market in our area and helped us to feel comfortable with the changes and opportunities. Jeremiah gave us consistent feedback and made regular contact to ensure that we knew we were on the right track. He returned all calls and was in constant communication with us from the beginning of the sale to the end of escrow. He directed us to great people for everything from termite inspection to loan and escrow areas.Once we had prepared the house for viewing and had done all we needed to do to make the house ready for sale Jeremiah took over. He set up interviews with the various agents in the area to ensure that all knew what the house looked like and what it was worth. He brought a professional photographer in to take great pictures and a video of the house to show all prospective buyers what a beautiful place it was.Then he proceeded to set up appointments with those interested and even though we had over five offers immediately he chose to have an open house and received more offers. Jeremiah then proceeded to guide us through the response process and made it a great time of dealing with those involved and treating all correctly. Bottom line is this: we received a great value for our property and the people who purchased it also felt that they had made a great deal.We couldn't be happier. The truth is, I am on the cheap side and have always felt that real estate agents are overpaid for their service in selling a house. Well, I have now changed my tune… Jeremiah was worth every penny he was paid and more. In fact, we appreciated him so much that we bought our new house from him as well.I would never use anyone else but Jeremiah when I buy or sell a home. He is truly a full service real estate agent and worth what you pay him. (I never thought I would say that!) If you choose Jeremiah to help you sell your house, you will not regret it…In fact, you will end up writing a letter like this one.
Rev. Leigh and Mary Harrison Testimonial
My wife and I first met Jeremiah Secrest while we were looking at homes in Huntington Beach… We have had many homes in our lives but we were looking for a vacation beach house retreat for us to enjoy with family and friends for many years to come. We had rented a home in Huntington Beach at 605 11th Street and we were looking for something similar because it was in a great location with so many exciting things to do, including the beach, pier, downtown shopping, restaurants and many other relaxing and fun venues. We knew it was the perfect place for us but we lived in Colorado and did not have a real estate agent in California. My prior experience with a real estate agent in the past was mixed at best and trending toward negative because of the high pressure sales oriented approach that we had experienced with most of our other real estate agents. Jeremiah was a completely different experience for us. …While we toured the quaint and charming beach cottage he was friendly and informative and seemed more interested in our needs than making a sale. … Jeremiah was so nice and down to earth that we felt like family working with him. We even had the opportunity to meet his lovely wife Dominique on one of our visits! After many options we found one home that was new that really met all of our desires on 11th Street. … Unfortunately, there were already 2 offers pending on the home. We thought we would not be able to buy our dream house in Huntington Beach. There were not many new options like it available. Jeremiah had a different idea. He walked us through making an offer that would be competitive and attractive enough to the seller to be considered. As it turned out one of the offerers could not get financing for 90 days and the other while competitive was not deemed as attractive as our offer. He did a great deal of successful negotiating on our behalf with the seller. We were delighted to have bought the home.Every aspect of this purchase was expertly handled by Jeremiah. We closed on the home in a record 26 days on June 24th 2013 and Jeremiah did the closing for us because we could not be there in person. … Since we were living in Colorado there were so many things we needed help with from afar and Jeremiah continued to assist with everything. He got us in touch with the best vendors and service providers in all areas required to furnish the home, provide security, information technology and community services. He even met the service providers at the house for installation when we could not be there. Our experience with Jeremiah was like having a trusted family member there working for us through the entire process.I can tell you without reservation that Jeremiah Secrest is the best real estate agent we have ever worked with and this was our 5th home in addition to the purchase of 4 commercial properties. If you are looking for property in Southern California … you could not hire a better real estate agent with great character and integrity nor a more “real” genuine caring person than Jeremiah.I would discuss our experience further with anyone who has interest (Cell available upon request). 
Dan and Lorraine Schnepf